Todays Events

Tonight was a fun night – a night out of the house for sure.  I went back to my office and finished up a root canal on a student in second year of her course at the National School of Dental Therapy across the road from my office.

She called me about a week ago in agony.  So we got her some meds and I saw her in my office to open and drain the tooth.

Young – single mom – student – no money.  Sounded like a gift of God to me.  So I took it and had a great time tonight.  Her friend assisted.  I got to know both of them better and they got to hear a bit about me.  You might say I had an unfair advantage having a captive audience to share a bit about how God got me into this field of dentistry in the first place. 

I wish I could take both these girls with me to the Congo this summer.  They would love the experience and I would love to have them along.  Wish there were funds somewhere for this to be arranged.  Well, if God wants that to happen He will have to work it all out because I sure don’t have the extra cash.

I got  home and sat down to read for a few minutes – was listening to Dave Matthews Remember Two Things when Christian came in.  Last night he and Patrick were recording a demo for the demo for CBC’s Radio Canada so I got to listen to that.  Patrick drove up last night after classes, recorded and left this am early for Saskatoon so he could get to his 8:30 am class. 

The songs are good – in French.  The first was new – Un Monde Sans Pitié (I think)and the second was one I have heard him sing before – Dans le Désert.  It sounded like the Njembe Christian got for Christmas was being put to good use too. 

My daughter and I also spoke on the phone tonight.  She walks to class and Patrick passed her this morning riding his bicyle on his way to class.  I’m not sure how cold it was in Saskatoon but it was -27 C here with a wind chill.  Not bad for a Congolese!!!

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