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Thanks Andrew for linking me up with your book review over at the Ooze.  I agree that the book rambles, but Blue Like Jazz is a fun book to read.  I found that instead of the message of self-less love being an essential mark of a Christian coming across as something heavy, as a discipline, it came across as a joy to strive for.  Being a middle aged woman, it was hilarious to hear his stories as he relates to women.  And the guys he lives with are characters I’d love to meet.  It does make one a bit “Green With Envy”.  I wish I could live in the kind of community he is a part of. 

But there is no hope of living in Portland again – I did as a child.  But I think I can try to incorporate some of his insights into my life.  The  chapter on “love” made a lot of sense and I have seen that kind of love work in my own life.  God’s love for me is so great and unconditional.  He has been teaching me too, over the past couple of years, that I need to love the people He has put in my life – love without expecting anything back.  Just loving – no strings attached.  Because God gave me these people to love.  And maybe I am the only reflection of God they will see.

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