Sleep Learning

Randall in his comments on my blog yesterday is worried I might have slept through so much of the lecture yesterday that I might have missed a crucial point in the knowledge I should have learned.  Don’t you know, Randall, that years of dosing in church have trained me to absorb knowledge even while in a state of somnolence!  I didn’t actually sleep, just struggled hard to keep the head from nodding and the eyes from closing. 

The lecturer, Dr. Miles, gave us lots of sites to pick up knowledge from like  And he really was a good lecturer. 

They also kept the room temperature just above freezing so that helped to keep us awake.

After the lecture, I joined my daughter at the Pacific Gallery for soup and a sandwich – and a stroll through the little gallery there.  Saw a few pieces af art that I would love to own.  Alas, post-Christmas, pre-tax and the finances I know I have to deal with helped me to resist.



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4 responses to “Sleep Learning

  1. Donna

    My new favorite word….somnolence!


  2. Toni

    Don’t you love it? The need to rest the eyeballs after they’ve worked so hard during lunch.

    I’m off on the ‘red eye’ to Glasgow for the day tomorrow, so I’ll sympathise with you then. In fact I’ll probably be getting up before you go to bed.

  3. How long have you and Leo been married???

  4. Linea

    Randall – are you worried that I am picking up Leo’s habits??? Don’t worry. To be able to listen with my eyes closed like he does – maybe another 33 years will do it but I doubt it will bother me then. It is much easier to stay awake in church than in an afternoon lecture – three hours in the same chair in a dim room. Even the cold can’t counteract the heaviness of the eyes.