CE course

I am off to learn more today – Oral diseases.  So off I go to Saskatoon.  This course given by the RU Hospital Dental Department and the S’toon Dental Society has turned out to be one of the best of the year.  It usually brings new and useful information to us and I am hoping that this is the case since I have got to leave now to get there for the 7:30 start.

We stayed up too late watching  The Pianist last night.  It is a powerful and moving film and for me this was the second time I watched it.  I probably would do it again.


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6 responses to “CE course

  1. Donna

    Dedication. Gotta be dedication, cause there is no way ANYONE is getting me out of bed on a weekend to learn about oral disease. Your patients are grateful, I am sure!

    This new post just confirms what I knew all along, you are an amazing woman!

    Have a safe trip, may the Lord hedge you in His protection.

  2. Toni

    Hope you didn’t fall asleep in the lectures 😉

  3. Linea

    Toni – It was a struggle! The morning was fine – lots of coffee. But the afternoon-ZZZ The afternoon topic was digital imaging, especially radiography. We are not quite there yet but it was interesting -just the wrong time of day!

  4. Cathy J

    Linea – you are right about The Pianist. It is a movie than needs to be seen more than once – very moving.

  5. “imaging, especially radiography”

    Is that as in Xrays? You were having trouble staying awake during the Xray section of the day??

    You know I’ll be able to tell if, on Wednesday morning, you stick the imaging camera up my nose…

  6. Toni

    And I always thought the phrase was ‘up your nose with a garden hose’