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Who is Jesus Christ?

Leighton over at The Heresy  asked the question “Who is Jesus Christ?” a few days ago.  I know that, theologically speaking, he has a lot more training than I do and there is no way that what I say here begins to scratch the surface of this question.  But I think that what he was asking relates to our trying to put Jesus into a mould we have created that is not really who Jesus is.  We try to shape Jesus to fit our world and wishes rather than acknowledge that he is God and let his power and teachings shape us to be people fit for his kingdom.

His question made me think more about a question that I sometimes wonder about.  How can we comprehend who God is? 

Just thinking about the vastness of the universe as I looked up into a clear sky – the God I know made all this and set it in motion.  How can I possibly “know” him?  My mind can hardly comprehend the little part of the world I can see and the world of the very large (space and all that is out there) and in contrast the very small (the structure of the atom) is so complex that it is beyond my scope of knowledge.  Just as my eyes can’t see far into the universe by looking up into the sky, my mind is limited and has a hard time understanding much about God.

When I start to think about how complex God’s relationships are with us, I realize even more how little I understand.  What I know about God from my trying to figure him out is almost nothing.   Oh, I know there are nice theological answers because I am not the only one who has asked questions about God, but the answers still are mostly beyond my ability to fathom.  It’s as if my mind can follow the logic of the theological answers just so far and then my finite mind switches off and the questions are all there again.  Really logical thinkers may not have this problem but my mind just doesn’t operate very well this way.  I understand mystical thinking a lot easier.  It lets me accept the unknowable.

One thing that makes God knowable to me is the person of Jesus Christ.  Who is he?   He is God.  What I know about God I know through him.  Through him I see the love of God which really did come down to my level.  I begin to understand the reality of a God who interacts with me, not just a far off uninvolved god.  He is my God, involved with me, who chose to live in human skin like mine in this world which he created, just so that he could show me a glimpse into his kingdom and provide me with the means to live in that kingdom too.  I think this is what is meant by Jesus being my intercessor – my go between – between my humanity and God’s holiness.

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  1. In the West we’ve typically done theology from a cataphatic approach — that is, we start with what can be known about God and eventually arrive at the fact that God is a mystery.

    In Eastern Orthodoxy they approach God with an apophatic approach — declaring what is not true of God and what can’t be known. God is mystery.

    In other words, there is a whole theological approach based on your observation.