Cold diamonds

Although today was lacking in sunshine there was nothing drab about todays special beauty in soft grey and white.  Everything was coated in hoarfrost.  The cold plucks the moisture out of the air and quick freezes it onto everything.  Nature is transformed as if diamond encrusted.  Maybe this is one of God’s treats for those of us brave enough to live in the cold north.  I will post some more pictures on my fotolog over the next few days.


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3 responses to “Cold diamonds

  1. Beauty.

    I felt a little like getting some shots today too. But I waited till the feeling went away…

  2. Linea

    I got home before it was too dark and took these. I was wanting to all day too but had no camera and was too busy. The feeling lasted till my hands got too numb from the cold.

  3. Sharon

    Hey, in the true Christian spirit, may I say “better your hands than mine”…….I really do appreciate you getting your hands cold, Linea. Thanks………alot!!! Days like these are some of my most favorite things. God gives spectacular photo shoots too!