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Leighton over at The Heresy is asking the question “Who is Jesus Christ?”.  Today I was thinking about a related question.  How can we comprehend who God is? 

Just thinking about the vastness of the universe as I looked up into the sky when it cleared this afternoon.  The God I know made all this and set it in motion.  How can I possibly “know” him?  My mind can hardly comprehend the little part of the world I can see and the world of the very large (space and all that is out there) and in contrast the very small (the structure of the atom) is so complex that it is beyond my scope of knowledge.

Then when I start to think about how complex God’s relationships are with us, I realize how little I understand.  What I know about God from my trying to figure him out is almost nothing.  My why questions don’t have answers that make much sense.  Like why would God want to love us in the first place.  Why create such a flawed creature as man?  And then why try to save us from our own rebelliousness.  Oh I know there are nice theological answers because I am not the only one who has asked these questions.  but the answers still are mostly beyond my ability to fathom.

The one thing that makes God knowable to us, I believe, is the person of Jesus Christ.  Who is he?  He is our link to God.  He is God.  What we know about God we know through him.  Through him we see the love of God which really did come down to our level.  We see how real God is.  He is our God, involved with us, living in our skin and walking in our shoes so that he could show us how God wants us to live. 

There are lots of gods that are complex and their followers do not understand them either.  But most are either just very “spiritual ” humans revered by their followers and elevated to god status or at the other extreme are spirits that their followers have to placate or win over by worship so that they can be manipulated into granting a desire.

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