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Long day today

It was a long day at work today and then I had some running to do before a church board meeting.  I’m pooped!  Hope I can actually get myself to bed a bit earlier tonight.

One of my staff came in yesterday with a back spasm of some sort and couldn’t sit to work.  Today she called and she can’t get out of a semi- reclining position.  She will not likely be at work tomorrow.  Makes it hard for my other assistant since it is hard to cancel patients at the last minute especially when they come from a long distance.  We have a lot of patients who fly down from the north and they are usually already in town for the appointment – so no changing them.  Today we kept up OK but we were both tired by the end of the day. 

Right after work I had been requested to bring a sub to my daughter who would be reffing a soccer game.  since she was at the soccer centre form mid afternoon, I thought she had better eat sometime before her game later on.  So then I had to get something for the other daughter too. 

Leo had the job of picking our kitten up from the vets.  Poor little thing lost some essential tomcat parts today.  This act on our part will probably extend his life considerably.  With only three legs he doesn’t stand a fighting chance against a four legged Tom.  And if he starts to spray around my house, he won’t stand a chance against me!

Our last meeting of this years deacon board was held tonight.  We are having a weekend of discussions and brainstorming with our conference superintendant around the concept of change and changing structures.  I sort of feel very unprepared for the weekend.  It just seems to have come up so fast when it always seemed so far off in the future before Christmas.  We have got to make our structures less cumbersome.  We are wearing ourselves out trying to keep old stuff happening. We need new ways that are easier to manage in our busy lives.  And we need younger people to take over some stuff and do it their way.  We need a lot of prayer happening over the next couple of weeks as we come up to this and to our annual meeting with all the election of church officers, etc.  We really need God to be there.  I hope he’ll come.

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Leighton asks …

Leighton over at The Heresy is asking the question “Who is Jesus Christ?”.  Today I was thinking about a related question.  How can we comprehend who God is? 

Just thinking about the vastness of the universe as I looked up into the sky when it cleared this afternoon.  The God I know made all this and set it in motion.  How can I possibly “know” him?  My mind can hardly comprehend the little part of the world I can see and the world of the very large (space and all that is out there) and in contrast the very small (the structure of the atom) is so complex that it is beyond my scope of knowledge.

Then when I start to think about how complex God’s relationships are with us, I realize how little I understand.  What I know about God from my trying to figure him out is almost nothing.  My why questions don’t have answers that make much sense.  Like why would God want to love us in the first place.  Why create such a flawed creature as man?  And then why try to save us from our own rebelliousness.  Oh I know there are nice theological answers because I am not the only one who has asked these questions.  but the answers still are mostly beyond my ability to fathom.

The one thing that makes God knowable to us, I believe, is the person of Jesus Christ.  Who is he?  He is our link to God.  He is God.  What we know about God we know through him.  Through him we see the love of God which really did come down to our level.  We see how real God is.  He is our God, involved with us, living in our skin and walking in our shoes so that he could show us how God wants us to live. 

There are lots of gods that are complex and their followers do not understand them either.  But most are either just very “spiritual ” humans revered by their followers and elevated to god status or at the other extreme are spirits that their followers have to placate or win over by worship so that they can be manipulated into granting a desire.

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