As I am writing one of my children is writing a special exam – a final in math.  I know she doesn’t want people to know that she is becasue she doesn’t seem to have told her siblings why she went to the school tonight.  Her teacher is a real gem.  She has provided evening tutoring and because my child needs special accomodations for the exam, she arranged to give it tonight.  I got a call a few minutes ago saying that she would need more time so to wait a bit longer before coming for her.  I hope she is doing as well as she can.  Half the battle seems to be an incredible fear of exams. 

Don’t you just wish sometimes that you could take away some of the problems your child has to face?  I know it wouldn’t be good for them but sometimes the pain is just too hard to watch!

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  1. Toni

    I really do sympathise Linea. I hate seeing my children struggle with things, yet it’s the only way they’ll grow.

    Do you remember your struggles and times of pain? My mother (who was very empathic) went through agonies for me while I was a teenager. But without some of those struggles I’m sure I’d be all the weaker. The things to regret are those areas where we’ve inflicted shipwreck on ourselves, rather than mearly suffering slings and arrows.

    In the end you just have to trust God and believe that where you’ve put good things in, good things will eventually come back out.