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The kids are all getting ready studying for final exams.  They start tomorrow at the school our kids go to.  So of course everyone is busy craming.  Sara is the only one who has made the statement that she is “excited ” about her exam – not sure what class that is but at least one of the kids is “looking forward to” this week.  And she is trying to talk the other two sho she shares a ride with to get her to school early so she can be there ahead and look at her subjects and calm herslf down.  That sounds like me when I was in high school.  The other two are not such students and this will not be a fun week.

Tonight I just reconnected by phone with one of my cousins.  He lives in Ottawa andleo has had a chance to visit him and his wife while down east on business.  Now Patrick is down in Ottawa for the Francophone Youth Parliment and Leo goes back to Ottawa for a very short visit on business again at the end of next week.  We have had more contact with them in the past 6 months than we have had over the past 5 years I am sure.  One of these days I will actually get to go along with Leo and visit them too.  I have never been to Ottawa and it would be nice to see the nations capital.  But somehow the cost of the trip didn’t seem to make a one or two day trip very practical for me this time.  Leo was hoping to do some sightseeing last trip he made but they had an ice storm and thought better of trying to drive in to Ottawa from Nepean.


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