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Today was a pretty ordinary day – work – cold(but not as bad as yesterday) – stuff that happens everyday pretty much.

This morning I had a big procedure scheduled.  And then following the bridge preparation, I was anticipating having a grouchy patient come with a crown that had fallen off.  I didn’t really blame her for being grouchy about what happened.  I would have been grouchy too if it had happened to me – having a crown come off while I was in BC on vacation.  But the extremely rude phone call we received from the patients daughter made me look forward to helping this patient about as much as I looked forward to – well maybe parent/teacher interviews.  Or maybe going to court or getting some other justifiable but hard to take scolding.  I was NOT looking forward to her visit.

This one I knew I had to pray through.  I knew I had to help her – it was my responsibility.  And I knew that I wanted the treatment I did for her to be the best I could do.  But I also knew that I did not want to see her very much.  So I guess I sort of  got to the point where I knew I had to turn this one over to God and let him use me to help her the best I could without resenting her. 

And today when she came in things went smoothly.  She was not at all grouchy – not like her daughter had been on the phone – #1 thing I was very thankful for.  And we ended up being able to get her crown back on and she was happy.  I was happy about being able to get her work done and to give her an explanation of what probably went wrong the first time we put the crown on.

Worship practice tonight – that was fun.  Kind of nice to be past the Christmas season.  Randall’s getting us to try a new song and that was fun. 

Then Dave and Annette wanted me to drop by their house after practice.  Got to visit my grandson who was in a great mood.  Tomorrow Annette starts a term position at my office filling in as reception staff as our staff all do a shuffle to accomodate the assistant who is beginning a maternity leave next week.

When I got there they handed me the last part of my Christmas present which didn’t arrive in time for Christmas – it is my Ukranian Christmas present.  They had ordered for  me the book by Erin Noteboom Ghost Maps Poems for Carl Hruska.  A signed copy no less!  Wow!  Another very special gift that I will treasure – and enjoy reading. 

  Now – to look forward to tomorrow – beginning to implement this new privacy legislation.  What a big hassle this is going to be.  We called the Privacy Commission today with some questions like –  what is the age of consent at which a child can sign this document.  They had no idea.  They couldn’t even seem to grasp why we would want to know.  Obviously this is a well thought through piece of government work!

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