Daily Archives: January 3, 2004

And Less Hair

So two days of fairly intensive labor and we have gone from this

to this.

Those of us who live with hair that is straight and relatively thin have no idea the amount of work it takes to keep naturally curly hair manageble.  Going from A to B in Sara’s case involved cutting off her extensions, unbraiding (in reality untangling) the natural hair, washing, conditioning and combing it all out.  Tonight we did relaxer and voila!  Now she will be able to keep it combed out on her own but even relaxed, it is a lot of work to keep it all manageable.

Extensions are a nice alternative to having to do something every day.  Actually braids of any kind would do the same but my girls have a mother who is not a gifted braider and to date they have not had the patience with each other to learn to do each others braids.

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