Oh, have I been busy today!  It has been a day of undoing hair.  Believe me – that is a job.  We have gone from long extensions to just the real thing again.  Here she is with her hands full of hair!

Taking out the extensions has been a two day job.  Last night Sara, her sister and a friend worked at it.  Today it has been Grace and I.  What a tedious job! 

A lot of TV gets watched while it is being done.  Mostly bad stuff that teenage girls like but tonight we are watching Seabiscuit. 


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2 responses to “Hair!!

  1. Toni

    You had me going for a moment there, Linea. I thought you were going to post about draft-dodgers and hippy communes 😉

  2. Sharon

    and me, I just kind of burst into song….”here baby, there mama, everywhere daddy, daddy…Hair…….” oh, the good ole’ days… I’m enjoying my last few days of vacation and also wondering what this new year will bring into my life, or perhaps better said, will I be willing to follow the path God has for me during the days of 2004? I don’t know. I want to. Sometimes it’s all about choices and how one bad choice can make the whole year a bummer…so I desire to be close to Him, to be able to hear him in a whisper and most certainly in a holler!! I’m glad you will be a part of my days, Linea,in 2004….it’s good to walk together with you!