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Build Me An Altar…

Exodus 20: 24b Build altars in the places where I remind you who I am, and I will come and bless you there.”  NLT


Build Me an Altar… 


And God said;

There will be places

Where you see me

With your eyes opened,

Where you will see

Who I Am.


And in those places

Build me an altar.

I will return there.

It will be a meeting place

And I will remind you

That I Am.


The place will be

Sacred to you from then,

From then until now.

And when you return,

Seeking me there,

You will be blessed.


This passage from Exodus stuck out from my morning readings.  It reminded me of the places where I have met God that from then on have become sacred spaces to me.  Most of the time for me, these are places in nature where God has been really near.  No physical altar but the presence of God made an impact on my life in that spot and returning to it brings me back into God’s presence. 


The Israelites could erect altars.  And we have our church buildings that can be sacred spaces.  But in nature, we usually are restricted because the spaces are not ours.  It would be something if we could physically erect an altar and set the place aside to come back to returning to be blessed again by God.   I guess this is one reason I like to go into the sanctuary when it is quiet and spend time in prayer there.  God has met me there before and I return to the place seeking a blessing.


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