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Good-bye 2003

This is most likely the last post I will make this year.  My kids are all off doing their thing and Leo and I are having a few friends drop by for awhile this evening.  I am not sure if we will be up at midnight – I guess that will depend on how wide awake our guests are.

I think the year has ended well.  Today was an especially good day.  Got some issues resolved with the child I was having difficulties with – and that was good.  I am not good at having unresolved conflict hanging around.  It makes me too uncomfortable as I guess it should.  Hard to ask for God’s blessing when I am mad at someone!

And at our house we end the year with one car needing a new radiator and my son’s car needing a new alternator.  Cars!!!  What money pits.  Just can’t seem to do without them in the vast white north where public transportation is not a viable option – hard to haul a baby around on a bus and taxi’s are expensive!  Sometimes the cost of running a car does make one wonder if taxis are maybe expensive but cheaper in the long run??? Who knows.

And so I wonder what new adventures this year of 2004 will bring?  A new start, a new clean slate to put funny marks on.  The one thing I wish for most in the new year is to walk closer to God – I guess mostly I want the fire of his spirit to keep my heart warm, my ears open to God’s voice, my eyes able to see where he’s leading, my feet willing to follow and my hands able to work at whatever he gives me to do.


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This morning early prayer time was sooooo good.  God blessed me and a friend and was there with us.  I think God certainly knew we both needed that. 

Now it is easier to go and face today – whatever it will bring.

Thank – you God for your goodness to me.

Now – Do you think God would give my dear husband a jolt so he would move faster!!  I am late for work again!  I do not like to depend on another person to get me to work.  It will be good to get my car back.  It has been on a little trip to Edmonton. 



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