Pretty bummed out

I have had an incredibly difficult day.  Actually it started last night when we were discussing some issues that involved finances and how little we had available to do something which someone else in our family(one of our kids) really wants to push ahead and do. 

The difficulty that I have been dealing with is not the finances at all but the whole problem of anger and the problem of being obsessed with doing something at any cost.  Sometimes it can’t be done and that is all. 

I hate being the one who is the object of the anger – mostly just because I said wait a minute, we have to consider the cost.  I don’t know why these things happen most within families.  Is it that we are free enough with each other to really vent our anger? 

And why do these situations arise just when God seems to have done some really neat things just before.  Do you think that the evil one sees us getting closer to knowing more of God and starts to bombard us?  Any ways I’m feeling pretty bummed out right now.

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  1. Toni

    I think you’re probably on the right track about it being because we’re ‘family’ and not having to cover our feelings. There is the whole issue of familiarity and contempt too, and it seems that ‘modern’ teenagers lack a margin of respect that even we had at that age.

    Yet another area to pray into…..