Daily Archives: December 28, 2003


Today God gave me a huge blessing.  It’s the kind of thing that if I told someone unused to God working out details of our lives, I think they would look at me in total unbelief and chalk it up to coincidence.  But this morning in my devotions, I felt God was whispering something quite specific in my ear.  So this is no happenstance,  just God giving another one of his incredible gifts of love which I do not deserve.



You didn’t need to do that!

That was pure love

And yes,

We needed it.

But people in our circumstances

Are not supposed to

Get into predicaments

Of need

Requiring your help.


So God,

Your gift is amazing to me.

I almost would say

No! to it,

But God you knew our well

Had run dry.

And that obligation for one of our kids

Was there today.

Your timing was perfect.

Thank you.



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