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Shopping Crazy!

Our kids, Eric and wife Michelle, decided to stay out at the farm with her mom last night.  The reason – so they could all get up early and go to the sale at Future Shop at 6 am.  Now in my opinion that is pure craziness!  There is almost nothing that I would go shopping for at that hour of the day!  They said the line-up stretched all the way from Future Shop to McDonalds.  There sure are a lot of crazy people out there.  They got one really good deal and then pretty much gave up.  Came over here for breakfast and we were barely up.

I had been up early in the morning myself and it just happens that the boys were up too – CK at our computer playing a game and PK down stairs reading.  I joined them for some reading but got sleepy again and went back to bed.

Tonight friends are coming over.  We will eat some more good things and have a good time visiting.  I love having the holidays to do some of the entertaining that our busy normal schedules makes diffficult.  As long as my guests aren’t too particular about my housecleaning, they are welcome.  I do not like to waste good holiday time doing that – or at least I refuse to stress out over it and will do the minimum needed to make the house presentable.

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