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Feeling good

I am just about finished the second batch of rice pudding for tonight.  We picked up the rice pudding tradition while living in the Congo.  Seems logical – rice – which we had lots of, but actually it seems the tradition comes from my Scandinavian heritage.  It’s just that there were a lot more Scandinavians around in the Congo among the missionaries than there ever had been around me as I was growing up.  My mom made rice pudding but it had never been part of our Christmas tradition.  We tended to incorporate the traditional Christmas pudding into our festivities – after all my dad is English.

I promised my family that they could have rice pudding for breakfast so it must get done!  And I am sure making a rice pudding for breakfast wasn’t part of the deal in the Congo.  My family is coercing me to break tradition!

Leo and I sat and had a few glasses of wine together this evening.  We have a son home who agreed to do the usual child driving for us.  That is maybe one of our nicest gifts!  So we sat, read and drank wine and talked about the spiritual journey I seen to be embarked upon.  I am always amazed at how God can move to make our paths converge as a couple even though we are so different in our personalities.  Sometimes I wonder if Leo will understand at all  before we get into a discussion only to find out that he already has a lot of what I am going through figured out already.  I really shouldn’t be so surprised since this isn’t the first time God has worked this way.

And I really had about one glass of wine more than I normally have.  Hope this second rice pudding bears some resemblance to the first!

I know that tomorrow is going to be full from morning to night so I doubt I will blog. I think my day will be blessed.  I wish the same for yours. Merry Christmas to all of you!


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