A bad end to a perfect day

Last night we had one of those really awful parenting nights.  We got home from our party at the park – with the girls and all their friends.  And we were set to babysit Kieran but the girls had plans to have friends over.  We knew we would need them to be entertaining their friends in different parts of our domain so Grace and co. went up to the loft of the garage while Sara and co. went up to the loft of the house.  TV watching going on in the house and just “hanging out” in the garage. 

At about 10:30 I was driving Kieran back home when I noticed my garage door opener on the hood of my car – sliding towards me.  Needless to say it did not stay on the hood for long!  It fell on to the street and smashed into a few pieces.  I was able to stop and retrieve them – all but one piece which I didn’t even realize was missing at that moment.  Amazingly it still works.

I got home, stepped out of my car and heard loud and clearly, coming from the open garage attic window, loud and frequently repeated f— words along with comments about the cigars that were being smoked by a couple of male voices.  I was somehow uninformed that there were going to be guys present for this after party party.  This on top of my garage door opener smashing – well I sent a few people home in short order!

To complete the evening, Grace was not really welcome in her wonderful mood at her sisters party which was going on up in the house loft.  So she went down to the basement to go on MSN.  Patrick, being home, wished to go to sleep(in the basement) since it was now around midnight.  In fact I had gone to bed and the other friends were all in the process of leaving when all hell broke loose downstairs!  The tired brother had an encounter with the angry and grumpy sister!!!

I had about had enough by this time and what with the words passing rapidly between the two kids – and they were some of the most foul words I have ever had to hear – I also exploded! 

The worst part of all this – I am supposed to be an adult and a loving one at that!  I din’t act the part very well.  I have the angry out of control version down pat. Reason at that moment excaped me and I ended up doing things I would rather not do.

I had a lot of appologizing to do this afternoon.  In fact we both shed a few tears and had to do some forgiving of each other.  Appologizing and being forgiven sure feels a lot better than anger.


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4 responses to “A bad end to a perfect day

  1. Toni

    I think I can reasonably (mis) quote a well known phrase:

    “Better to have beaten someone round the head than to have never loved at all”.

    Speaking as a parent, there are times when it’s really good to be able to deal with situations gently, with understanding and tolerance. And there are times when a good cuffing (or verbal equivalent) are much more appropriate. This sounds like one of those times, where a child has said “I recognise no line” before stepping firmly over it.

    I especially commend you for being able to apologise and become reconciled later. Parents often need to be reconciled to their children, even when they’ve been paragons of self control. By doing this I think you’re giving them a legacy of example that they will treasure in years to come.

  2. Toni’s right. The thing that makes me not worry about you and your kids and your future relationship, is your ability to say sorry.

    I wish I did that half as well as you do.

    It’s the hardest thing I try to do, but usually don’t.

  3. Linea

    Toni – Your quote about describes what happened.

    I guess I have resolved to show love to my kids – or try to no matter what and what I did sure didn’t show much. I can’t go back and erase what I did so if I want them to see love at that point, appologizing is about the only option left. And if I appologize it is amazing how the appologies come back on their parts too. On the other hand, a power struggle just digs me in deeper. So humble pie doesn’t taste very good but it seems to be healthy.

  4. Sharon

    oh, the good old days……..reading your blog brings back memories of my failings with our children……..and now I enjoy the gift of their maturity….and mine……..