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Sunday, Busy Sunday

Sundays can be busy days.  For myself the busyness is usually centered around participation in worship, family and church events.  I suspect that for a layperson like myself the busyness is a sort of welcome change of pace created because of things we choose to do.  It’s not work but some days it is hardly classified as quiet and restful. 

Today started out like most of my Sundays – worship practice, then coffee some time to sit in the sanctuary and pray and then the worship service.  Today we had our annual Carol service where we hear the stories behind the writing of the different carols that we sing.  Grace and Johanna sang “Mary Did You Know” – a beautiful song and they did a good job.  I wish we had them sing more often but it is hard to get them to do this without twisting arms.  Today they actually were the ones to suggest it so it got done. 

I seemed to make more than my usual number of mistakes today.  Christmas music is beautiful but not always the easiest to play.  I am always surprised that it is on the days when I perform the most poorly, in my opinion, that someone will come up after and remark how they enjoyed the music.  I am glad that we don’t have to be perfect to be useful to God.

It was a bit of a rush after church to get home, eat and then get out to the Little Red River Park for our church Christmas party.  Especially since Leo invited David and Kieran home for lunch promising them some tourtière.  So, since the one that had been cooked last night was gone, we had to wait a bit while dinner cooked.  And there were many phone calls as the girls had to call the friends they had invited to the party and make all sorts of arrangements for rides out to the park. 

By 2:30 we were out at the Cosmo Lodge which is right below the ski shack at the park.  We sort of took over a good part of the lodge and had a lot of fun for the rest of the afternoon.  The kids with pliable osseus structures and some crazy adults went tobogganing and sliding, some went sking or snowboarding and the rest of us walked or sat around inside and played games. 

I got out my snowshoes and took a hike up the hill north of the lodge.  There actually wasn’t a lot of snow because the weather has been so mild.  My snowshoes have these wonderful steel teeth (crampons) that make it quite simple to climb hills.  I need to do this more often!  I sat down and reflected when I got to the top of the hill – on how out of shape I am!!

Tonight, we are babysitting again.  Tonight is Annette’s staff party and we promised to look after our wonderful grandson – who incidentally does a lot of screaming when he is mad or upset.  And since he just woke up – Grandma is going to sign off this blog!


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