Advent readings

Richard at connexions links to some very pertinent quotes from Oscar Romero on the Bruderhof Communities site.  I would recommend visiting  the site and reading all of the Advent readings.  Here is one I liked at lot:

The Council says humanity’s mystery can be explained
 only in the mystery of the God who became human.
If people want to look into their own mystery
 the meaning of their pain,
  of their work,
  of their suffering,
  of their hope
let them put themselves next to Christ.
If they accomplish what Christ accomplished
 doing the Father’s will,
 filling themselves with the life
  that Christ gives the world
they are fulfilling themselves as true human beings.
If I find, on comparing myself with Christ,
 that my life is a contrast, the opposite of his,
then my life is a disaster.
I cannot explain that mystery
 except by returning to Christ,
who gives authentic features
 to a person who wants to be genuinely human.


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  1. The Bible declares that the “mystery of the Gospel” is “Christ IN you”. It is not so much what I, myself, accomplish, as it is what I “die” to and allow Him to accomplish through me. Thus the truth of the last four verses……….