Good Things

Today I have eaten too many good things.  Chocolates, nibblings of cheese, sausage and crackers, veggies and fruit, and still some leftovers from our staff party on Saturday.  We only have two more days to work before we take a bit of a holiday for Christmas and we have lots of gifts that have shown up at the office tempting us to eat it all before the end of the week. 

Work has been slow over the past week and will likely stay that way till January.  Our schedules are filled but at this time of the year people tend to forget that they had dental appointments, so there are a lot of missed appointments.  And people would rather spend their money on things that are more fun – at least in the short term.

So I am looking forward to the break and am needing it too.  Just wish our bills would stop coming in for the holiday.  Oh the joys of being a buisness owner and employer!

The nice side is that our employees are so nice.  I am wearing a new pair of ear rings and have a new plant – a beautiful tiny evergreen as well as a canister of coffee and a new mug.  These gifts always catch me a little off guard and sort of humbled by the generosity they show.  I really do think that we have one of the best staffs of all the dental offices in Saskatchewan! 


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2 responses to “Good Things

  1. Ok, Linea,

    Yesterday I was at four different Dentist offices. (I was looking for where T works and I kept making mistakes, but that’s another story)

    The thing is, what is that smell that they all smell like? They all smell the same, some kind of a chemical thing going on there.

    Is it one of theose smells that puts people at ease without them noticing it?

  2. Linea

    I have no idea which of our peculiar smells you are reffering to. There is probably a sort of chemical smell that belongs to our surface disinfectant – with undertones of phenol and gluteraldyhyde and of course alcohol. There may also be a slightly spicey smell belonging to our temporary filling material – oil of cloves. Or the smell of the ultrasonic instrument cleaner maybe – it would be some detergent.

    My nose is pretty immune to all of them. Right now the smell I notice the most is the smell of our Christmas tree.