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Sad and Pathetic

We were talking about the capture of Saddam around the table in our staff room today.  One person was remarking about the secrecy around finding him and then just all of a sudden the capture was made and done – and the fact that it was a disgruntled family member apparently that gave away his whereabouts.  The comment was also made that they hoped he would get what he deserved and that it would be sloww and painful.  

Then another staff member asked me how I reacted.  I told her that Saddam looked so pathetic that it made me feel rather sad.  I am not sad that he has finally been captured.  But it is sad to see such a pathetic character displayed on TV.  He hurt many people but he comes out as the biggest loser in the end.  He is loved by no one.  His family is now turning him in to face justice.  What does he have that is of any value? 

Where is the profit in having had it all – money and power – if at the end you have no soul?  That is what he looked like to me.  What more could any court take away?

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Beginning to look ready

The Christmas tree is up and things are beginning to look decorated around our house.  Our creche from the Congo is on the mantle, the candle carousel from the Phillipines is on the shelf, the candles are out, my Santa collection is on the side board and packages are beginning to appear under the tree already.

Today I even put up the tree at the office.  It was a pretty small tree but it will help to make things look cheerful.  I guess it will be decorated tonight or in the morning.  We are only open this week so it does not have to last long. 

I also bought a nice big wreath for my front door.  I like having a real tree.  And decorating with lots of greenery.  At this time of the year with alot of white cold looking stuff outside, it reminds me of the promise of life to come.  And it smells like being in a forest – I like that smell.  We had enough of artificial trees in the Congo – so I am a bit of a real tree fanatic. 

And you know what?  I don’t have to keep this one alive!  I suggested to my son that he could get me a new plant for Christmas since my old croteus has died.  He asked me why he should get me a new plant since I had just finished killing my last one!  My tree will most certainly die and then it can become fuel for the fires at winter festival time.  No guilt there!


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