Laundry At My Feet

Reading the book Seven Guides to Effective Prayer by Colin Whittaker lent to me by Randall.  I am awed by the power of God shown in the lives of the seven whose stories are told.  I feel like I am such a baby when I read what God did for and through them.  I think that maybe we are too happy being fed soft food and are not not prepared to have God take us on to the stuff that is harder to chew.  We must be missing out on so much that we don’t even know enough to miss.

The one thing that I find most difficult in reading the book is the fact that the stories are all from long ago.  There are no stories of people who are working at regular jobs, coping with the daily grind of living and raising a family,  reaching the depth of communion with God that I would love to attain.  If only I could have the confidence displayed in these stories of God answering prayer.  Maybe if I had more time, more faith, more dedication – you know all the questions as well as I do.  And maybe you know the lack of clear answers too.

And then I am called back to reality by a child asking me to take them to the mall, and I look at the seven piles of laundry waiting and also realise that this is the world God put me in.  I don’t have any revelation, much as I might like it, that I should leave my career, my family responsibilities, and concentrate only on the things of God. 

So, I am caught in this inbetween place – my head and heart wanting to be closer to God – my feet planted in the real world with the laundry around them. 

It is so reassuring at this time of the year for me to reflect on the humanness of Jesus.  He knows what I feel like.  He came here and knows just what it is like to be human and limited like us.  

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  1. Cathy J

    Linea – sounds like much is going on in your life at this time – more than usual to occupy your thoughts. I’ll be praying for you and for the situation in Cameroon. Peace.