Advent thoughts

The second week of advent is complete.  This week when we have considered the candle of Peace there has not been alot of peace.  It has been hard to think in terms of peace for people who have been displaced by war.  It is hard not to spend time worrying about friends that are too far away, that may be traveling into dangerous situations, whose hopes have been dashed too many times, who now face personal sorrow as well.  

We have just had our staff party and it was fun.  We had a good time together.  And Roger got to treat us all to a little Leonard Cohen. 

It is at times like this that I find it difficult to set aside my worries and enjoy the moment I am in.  We live lives that are sometimes so comfortable that we forget the sufferings of others, both around us and far away.  We would like to live in our fantasy worlds of tinsel and glitter and shiny lights. 

And then all of a sudden I realize that I have been so preoccupied today that I forgot a couple of important events – the Santa Lucia open house and the youth parent meeting!  Can’t go back and do them now. 

I need to celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace.  I need the peace only he can bring to my life with its worries.  Peace amid the chaos of an unpeaceful world.

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  1. Father, the boys in Africa need you right now, would you go to be with them. Comfort and keep them in the safety of your love and provision. Father you know how long and hard we’ve been working to get them over here. We’ve prayed and prayed and it seems so hopeless. Enter the situation again and redeem it. Speak the words of life and let us see governments move and act.

    And now, let your peace descend upon Linea even as a dove. Let her rest in your provision and be able to love what you give her. As the day progresses may that growing peace within Linea’s spirit turn into a deep sense of joy at your marvellous love and provision.

    Come to her aid this very hour, even as we ask you to go to the aid of her friends across the ocean.

    And bless her with your sweet presence.