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Running Around

We just got home from a day full of activities – especially for Sara.  She left home this morning for school, had soccer high performance training after school, refferee two games and then went to her regular soccer practice.  A thirteen hour day for a fourteen year old isn’t bad.  She is pretty tired.

Grace’s evening was much lighter – only track tonight from 7:30 till 9:00. 

And for me – the usual 8 to 5 and then home.  Made supper and in came David and Keiran.  It just happened to be his favorite meal (or one of them) and he was drilling out a lock on our file cabinet for us, so he and Kieran stayed for supper.  That was fine with me since I haven’t seen Kieran since Sunday – a long time for a spoiled Grandmother!

Then I began my evening of being the chauffer – driving Grace to track, picking up Sara to take her out to Redwing School north of town for her soccer practice, making a stop for junk food for the party tomorrow, then picking Grace up and continuing on out to Redwing again to pick Sara up. 

Oh, yeah, I had to buy false eye lashes for Grace.  Now she says these are for some project at school.  I have no idea what on earth they could possibly be doing with false eye lashes! 

Anyways, I think we are all in for the night now.  And tonight it is good to be in.  It is very cold here:  -28 C as I write. 

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