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Embarassing Myself

It was pretty cool to hear from my sister that my niece, in another city sort of far away, was also baptised on Sunday.  One thing that blogging has done is let other members of my family keep up with some of my activities.  Now some of them should start blogging too.  But maybe they are more concerned with embarassing themselves.  I think I am not that embarassable anymore – especially when I write.  I do enough embarassing of myself in real life.  It seems to come naturally.

I usually have my most embarassing moments with my kids.  I often will run out of patience, blow up and do or say something I really regret later – usually about two seconds after I start ranting at them.  But, you know, once I start it is hard to stop while I could still extricate myself with some sort of honor.  No, I have to go on and on till I really do a good job!

So, I end up having to appologize and eat humble pie for awhile!  Maybe my kids are learning about how to apologize – or am I just trying to redeem my self again?

A few night ago – it was the night all the kids were at my house “getting ready” for the dance at school.  My house was swarming with kids ( at least there were several extras) and there was some problem with our cordless phone that made it necessary for them to invade my office space or my bedroom space (the two sanctuaries of privacy for me) in order to phone.  That pushed me past the snapping point! 

Sara tells me that some of her friends are afraid of me.  I guess a bit of healthy respect is OK but fear?  Not really how I intended to come across.  I wish I could roll some bit of my life in reverse and erase some stuff.  Anyway, it does not seem to have deterred her plans to have about 20 kids over for a surprise farewell party for a firiend.  Since in this city parties can get a little out of hand with hundreds of kids showing up uninvited maybe a little fear is a good thing in view of the upcoming party.  You can be sure at least one of us parents will stick around to make sure that we have a house standing at the end of the evening!

Wonder why youth group never has this problem?  Imagine the headlines ” Two Hundred Youth Storm Gateway Covenant Church for Friday Evening Meeting! 


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