Please, Would – be hockey stars…

Yesterday, I got a call midmorning while I was out running around doing my usual Saturday am groceries and stuff.  This time it was from my office manager.  My partner has been on call this past week and fighting this bad cold/bronchitis thing that has been going around.  He was in to one of our minor emergency facilities getting checked out and while he was unavailable an emergency call had come in.  L. was fielding his calls for him and this one seemed an emergency that I needed to be in on. 

A mother had called for her son(mothers tend to do this for sons long after they should be able to call on their own).  The evening before, in a hockey game, her son had been cross checked right in the mouth!  And he was just about to get his braces off in about a month.  Two of his teeth were still attached to the braces but were not anywhere near their required “straight” positions any longer.  And his lip was pretty badly cut up as well.  HELP!!

I do a fair amount of orthodontics so fortunatly for him, the right office was on call.  We got him in, determined that the teeth were not broken, froze him and pushed the teeth back into position(almost straight).  I think I’ve just gained a new patient that needs at least two root canals now.

And this guy was sent away with a mouthguardPlease, please, please – if you play hockey or fool around on the ice or the road in front of your house with a stick, is it too much trouble to save yourself about a thousand dollars by buying and wearing at the very least a simple $40 mouthguard.

So ends my dentist’s rant!


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2 responses to “Please, Would – be hockey stars…

  1. And what about mouthguards for spectators? When my father-in-law was a mere lad in B.C. he lost all of his teeth after being hit by an unguided puck. And he was just watching the game.

  2. Linea

    At one of our local hockey games, a spectator lost the sight in one eye after being hit by a puck. There was the positive reponse of increasing the height of the protective glass around the rink. It is just a dangerous sport!!

    However those who are crazy enough to play it should protect themselves as best they can.