How does one reduce to a single blogging entry a day like today?  Five young people were baptised today.  It has been a great day.  My daughter, Sara, was baptised.  It seems either that I should say no more or that whatever I have to say should be profound enough to capture the meaning of the afternoon.  I doubt that my words will be adequate. 

Out of the brokenness of our world comes a little girl.  We, looking for a child to adopt, are given a gift so precious and so full of promise that in the accepting of her to our home we become the ones most blessed.  We didn’t ask for a child with any special talents, just a child to care for and share our love with.  We didn’t require that she be intelligent, just a child that needed a place where we could help her reach as much of her potential as she could.  Letitia – “Joy”  the name she had been given.  Sara – “Princess” our name chosen for her.  Sara Letitia is a joy and a princess and a blessing. 

God, touch her life with your hand and help her to grow reaching the potential which you have given her.  Let us not get in your way but give us the wisdom to be parents to her.  Help her to put you first in her life and grant her your protection throughout it.

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  1. It was a very good day.