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The Sound of Creation

I think the experiencing of God in the silence this past week and the anticipation of sharing with the youth some of my thoughts on creation prompted me to write this:

The Sound of Creation



The whispers of God’s voice,

So quiet.

You are so gentle, Lord.

You, that spoke into existence


With your voice.


Did it thunder then,

In creation?


Or was it ever quiet?

The moving of a whisper

On the waters,

The division of cell to cells.

Your loving breath of a whisper

Transforming life

Till an unlikely likeness

Was created in your image.


This likeness that has

Stopped it’s ears

To silence.

I promised to give a talk on evolution/creation to the Youth Bible study on Wednesday night.  I am no expert but I do see things from more of a scientific point of view than the guy they have been watching in a video series.  It has never been a central issue for me but I think it can be a stumbling block, especially for young people not yet sure of how to balance what they have been taught in school with what they are being taught in church. 

My God is big enough to create the world any way he may have chosen to do so.  I would just like the kids to understand that it is OK to have lots of questions and sometimes to not have clear answers, but to keep seeking.  They will find that God will be bigger than their questions and that their opinions on how things were done will change as they learn more. 

My God is the creator, of that I am sure.  How he created the world is a lot less clear in my mind.  We are still fairly ignorant inspite of all that we know scientifically to date.  My lack of knowledge does not diminish His greatness.  At the same time my scientific knowledge does not destroy my faith in him.

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