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Good-bye 2003

This is most likely the last post I will make this year.  My kids are all off doing their thing and Leo and I are having a few friends drop by for awhile this evening.  I am not sure if we will be up at midnight – I guess that will depend on how wide awake our guests are.

I think the year has ended well.  Today was an especially good day.  Got some issues resolved with the child I was having difficulties with – and that was good.  I am not good at having unresolved conflict hanging around.  It makes me too uncomfortable as I guess it should.  Hard to ask for God’s blessing when I am mad at someone!

And at our house we end the year with one car needing a new radiator and my son’s car needing a new alternator.  Cars!!!  What money pits.  Just can’t seem to do without them in the vast white north where public transportation is not a viable option – hard to haul a baby around on a bus and taxi’s are expensive!  Sometimes the cost of running a car does make one wonder if taxis are maybe expensive but cheaper in the long run??? Who knows.

And so I wonder what new adventures this year of 2004 will bring?  A new start, a new clean slate to put funny marks on.  The one thing I wish for most in the new year is to walk closer to God – I guess mostly I want the fire of his spirit to keep my heart warm, my ears open to God’s voice, my eyes able to see where he’s leading, my feet willing to follow and my hands able to work at whatever he gives me to do.

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This morning early prayer time was sooooo good.  God blessed me and a friend and was there with us.  I think God certainly knew we both needed that. 

Now it is easier to go and face today – whatever it will bring.

Thank – you God for your goodness to me.

Now – Do you think God would give my dear husband a jolt so he would move faster!!  I am late for work again!  I do not like to depend on another person to get me to work.  It will be good to get my car back.  It has been on a little trip to Edmonton. 



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Updating Blogroll

I think I need to make some changes to my blogroll.  Some of the blogs I read seem to be going out of business and others I find I will transfer back to my favorites list since I read them less than others that are now on my favorites list.  Anyways – time for a few changes I guess.

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Pretty bummed out

I have had an incredibly difficult day.  Actually it started last night when we were discussing some issues that involved finances and how little we had available to do something which someone else in our family(one of our kids) really wants to push ahead and do. 

The difficulty that I have been dealing with is not the finances at all but the whole problem of anger and the problem of being obsessed with doing something at any cost.  Sometimes it can’t be done and that is all. 

I hate being the one who is the object of the anger – mostly just because I said wait a minute, we have to consider the cost.  I don’t know why these things happen most within families.  Is it that we are free enough with each other to really vent our anger? 

And why do these situations arise just when God seems to have done some really neat things just before.  Do you think that the evil one sees us getting closer to knowing more of God and starts to bombard us?  Any ways I’m feeling pretty bummed out right now.

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Psalm 63

Part of my morning readings – and my memorization in progress.  I love this Psalm.

 Psalm 63: 1 to 5

    O God, you are my God;
        I earnestly search for you.
    My soul thirsts for you;
        my whole body longs for you
    in this parched and weary land
        where there is no water.

    I have seen you in your sanctuary
        and gazed upon your power and glory.
    Your unfailing love is better to me than life itself;
        how I praise you!
    I will honor you as long as I live,
        lifting up my hands to you in prayer.
    You satisfy me more than the richest of foods.
        I will praise you with songs of joy.

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Today God gave me a huge blessing.  It’s the kind of thing that if I told someone unused to God working out details of our lives, I think they would look at me in total unbelief and chalk it up to coincidence.  But this morning in my devotions, I felt God was whispering something quite specific in my ear.  So this is no happenstance,  just God giving another one of his incredible gifts of love which I do not deserve.



You didn’t need to do that!

That was pure love

And yes,

We needed it.

But people in our circumstances

Are not supposed to

Get into predicaments

Of need

Requiring your help.


So God,

Your gift is amazing to me.

I almost would say

No! to it,

But God you knew our well

Had run dry.

And that obligation for one of our kids

Was there today.

Your timing was perfect.

Thank you.


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Making my first book

Today I was working on making a book of my poetry.  One of the gifts my son gave me was a book in whcih to keep my poems.  The book itself is quite beautiful.

So, much of the day I have been cutting and pasting most of my poems to go into this book.  It has been kind of fun, handpublishing a book.  I had to get it done since there is no way  I’ll have this kind of time to do it later once I get back to work.

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