A Kneeling Start To Advent

Usually we get things off to a kickstart.  This year our Advent was launched with a kneeling start.

I guess we expect to experience God in our worship but often miss Him since we are distracted by other things in our lives.  Today, in our morning worship, He was with us in a profound way.  I guess a week of prayer where so many came and met God does this to a congregation.  We almost took over for Randall the entire time of his words to us and we heard instead from God through the stories of people who had been affected in special ways by God through our prayer walk.  And then Randall challenged us to go now and live what we believe.  A fitting ending to a week of prayer, World Relief Sunday and the beginning of Advent.  Good thing we are not Americans or we would have had to fit Thanksgiving in there somewhere too!

The week was an intense experience for myself.  It was like being on a prayer retreat, even though work went on as usual and all the other activities of the children made demands on my time.  I was able to spend some time in this very sacred space each day.  Leo was away the whole week (he’s going to regret missing this) and so aside from the kids demands on my time, I was free.  Going up to the church after everything settled down for the night at home was a good way to end the day.  Started it that way a couple of times too.  God’s presence was so close, for me, in the silence.  It was like I had described in a poem I wrote awhile ago:


You are so close.

The perfume of your presence

Lies in the air around me.

You envelop me

And fill me

With your breath of life.

God did come and visit me during this week.  Although I won’t be able to carry on the same rythmn of these past days, I know that what God has been working on in me, will continue.  So I look forward to how God is going to carry me deeper in my faith and teach me more about Himself.

Now Advent can begin!  And that will lead us to the wonder of our God’s incarnation.
And I am ready for this celebratory time – the music and the candles and the sparkling lights and even the parties to start. 


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