Those of us who get together to practice and lead worship on Sundays pass a lot of crazy e-mails between us.  It is kind of fun being crazy with a few other likeminded (also a bit crazy) people.  Of course the head honcho, the big cheese, the ring leader of all this is our PR.  He starts it off most weeks.  Even has accused us of being under the influence of illicit substances after certain fiascos on Sunday mornings!  What on earth could he be thinking – just because we missed every cue that we had diligently practiced just 90 minutes before! 

As I said, it is fun getting together with like minded crazy people.  And more often than we deserve, God comes and makes use of what we are doing – even when we do all the songs differently than how we practiced.

I was just musing on what is the meaning of PR – that is what got this entry started.  It just remembered me that PR was the term we used for the really important pastors in the Congo – in our “communauté” the head pastors were the “Pasteur Responsable” or as we usually shortened everything down to it’s acronym – the PR.  So for the CEUM of the ECC (ex-ECZ) in the DRC you Randall would really be the PR.  Now we just have to figure out the meaning of this “responsable” part!!

If you want to see some of the responsible things we are doing in our church, head over to Randall’s blog.  We have been spending a considerable amount of time in prayer this week and it has been very good.  You could even do our prayer walk, in a sense, on-line.  Not quite as good as the real thing but you can get a sense of where we’ve been this week.

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