A Simple Thank-you

Yesterday I had a neat experience.  One I haven’t had for a long time.  I went to work as usual. I had prayed in my morning time with God that I would be helpful to someone today, that somehow my work would bless someone. 

Instead, it worked the other way around.  One of my patients came in and before I had a chance to do anything he said, “Thank-you”.  I think I must have looked a bit taken aback when he said that.  It was totally out of nowhere. And that is all he said at first.  Then looking at my sort of surprised face, he said, “I mean thank- you for looking after my teeth and helping me get them back in order. I had let them get pretty bad”

This one thank-you makes up for a lot of the unthankful, even critical, people we see every day.  He blessed me in a way he may not even realize.

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