Getting back to normal

By yesterday afternoon at the gift opening, the accumulated fatigue of the weekend hit.  All of a sudden I could hardly keep my eyes open.  Had to fill up on caffeine since we still had clean up to finish.  The cars were loaded up with the leftovers, the decorations, all the containers, and carted home.  Most of it sits in my kitchen still. 

When I got home I went and slept, even missing the Grey Cup. 

Now it is Monday evening and I’ve had a full day of work.  The guests have all gone home and things should get back to normal again.  Just have to put some large trays into storage for the next big event which won’t be for awhile – although Grace caught the brides bouquet.  But since she is only 16, I hope I have a few years to get ready for her wedding! 

Now we are working at getting photos printed, etc.  But all of these things can take some time getting done.  Tonight, Leo and I are going out to a movie.  It’s been a long time – in fact, I haven’t yet gone to the new cinema we have had in town for about six months.  We’re going to see Radio.  Our kids say we will like it – and they know just about everything!!

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  1. Toni

    Ah, normality. A wonderful thing when it returns – why ever do we stray away from it? Hope you enjoyed the movie, if you managed to stay awake for it.