Yesterday was a day.  I was tired by the time we got home at 2 am.  And we didn’t even clean up at the hall very much.  But we had a great day and the end result was just what we had wished for – a very happy couple. 

We have so many pictures.  I’ll put some on here in an album later. 

We still have a gift opening today and lots of food to finish up.  Tell you more about it all later too.


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4 responses to “Happy

  1. And now unto you – may this blessing come upon you – that you be in love, grow in love, stand in love, and act by love – through the God of love – both now and forevermore. Amen

  2. Toni

    I think the smiles say it all. They certainly bring back a few memories.

  3. Sharon

    What a celebration…thanks for allowing us to be part of it….to me it brings back memories of our wedding day and I recall telling Ken that I didn’t think I could ever be happier than I was on that day! Wedding day joy is unlike any other, I believe. Not like child birth days, or anniversaries or any other day…..must be that miracle of 2 becoming 1 type joy…..blessings and rest and peace to one and all……(38 days ’til Christmas………..)

  4. Cathy J

    Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing this great day with us!