Two days to go

Today was busy and long.  I forgot to change the alarm setting from 5:30 am to a bit later hour so due to our force of habit and the alarm we got up and got going early.  But I did get coffee in bed.  I was supposed to be taking a day off.  Frankly it is easier to go to work but I am so glad I did take the day off.  Otherwise I would probably be back to my anxious state of last night. 

Today was better in spite of all I had to do.  Even the housecleaning went well.  I got most of my errands done and was able to get all the food purchases taken care of. 

Tomorrow will be spent getting decorations, setting them up, cutting all the cold cuts, etc, etc.  Everything needs to be ready by tomorrow night.  We will have a lot to do I suspect. 

We will end tomorrow with wedding rehersal and then supper.  By then we should be able to relax and enjoy ourselves.  I hope that Saturday will be just a great and wonderful day that we can all enjoy. 

I doubt much blogging will get done but we will get our kids started on their married life.  And that will be a joy for all of us. 

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  1. It’s gonna be a party!!

    See you later today.