Preparing for Prayer

We have been thinking about the transendance of God in our worship gatherings.  It seems that a lot of other pople are also thinking along the same lines.  I found a couple interesting articles/blogs here and over at Ancient Future Worship

I think that it would be very hard to enter into prayer without a sense of the transcendance of God.  Maybe that is why so many people say they do not know how to pray or experience difficulty spending time with God.  Prayer needs to be more than just reciting off a list of wants and wishes and even more than just reciting words of praise.  I need to be able to sit in his presence and have him speak to me and then comes this tremendous sense of awe that God “is”, that he is present with us, that he cares. 

The use of liturgical forms helps me to focus on God’s presence.  Sometimes they are an act of worship in themselves and it removes the focus from me and what my mind is doing to an outside object or act that assists me to contemplate God.  And somehow the liturgy, the lighting of a candle, the reading of a Psalm or a prayer carves out a bit of sacred space from the busyness of my ordinary routines more than a rushed prayer as I drive between kids activities or go from patient to patient at work.

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