Yesterday I got to see most of my kids and at least talk to all of them.  I don’t usually do a lot of checking up on them but it seems they know how to find me when they need me. 

My daughter called me a few times from Saskatoon – she is still having problems with student loans although she did receive an educational grant the will allow her to get he study assistance she needs.  And she found a cheaper place to rent where she will be by herself and won’t have to worry about roommates doing crazy things.

I did the usual driving with my younger daughters after work – to and from activities and to the movies to see the latest Matrix movie.  Then to sleepovers.

Christian I saw as he came in and went out.  He was off to a David Usher concert and then out with his friends.  He stopped long enough to ask if I could drive him to work today since his car is getting repaired.

Dave and Annette came over and worked on their slide presentation for their wedding next weekend.  We went over what we all have to get done today as we prepare for that.  I hope I don’t have an exhausted daughter-in-law. 

And then I had to call Patrick about the forms that he hs to fill out for his ID card since he is a landed immigrant and will need to travel next summer.  He and Christian will need it to get back into Canada.  New rules!

And then Eric called.  This is why.  

He was hunting just north of town and was at his mother-in-laws farm.  They had no camera and he had just gotten a nice large deer.  He has to have pictures to send back to his hunting friends in Africa.  Does a hunter hunt for meat or for glory?  They will have lots of venison for the winter and he promised me some deer sausage (if I pay to have it made). 

And I am on call and having another spouseless week-end.  Leo is away trying to supplement the family coffers at a neighboring town where the doctors need coverage so they can get away for a weekend.

And I just got called so will have to work for awhile this afternoon. 

It’s going to be a busy day again.

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