Helping Each Other Out

This was quite a day.  I got to the office to pick up our tubs of stuff for the OR and to pick up my two staff people going along to assist.  I really didn’t expect to see Judy since I knew she was pretty sick.  But in she came and off we headed to the hospital.  We had a good anaesthetist today – this guy has a good sense of humor and he listens to the radio and drinks coffee while we work.  I guess he is working too but our hands are busy and so drinking coffee is out except for the breaks between cases. 

It is really incredible how much difference it makes working with someone who has a good sense of humor.  Everyone works more efficiently and the day has a lightness to it.  It is fun to work with someone like this.

Then we went back to the office and sent Judy home.  She probably shouldn’t have come in the morning, but she is such a conscientious person and she knew that I needed her help.  She went home, Trina was there today so she helped me get my afternoon patients done and Michelle who is about 7 months pregnant became exhausted – she has been working alone for most of the week with my partner since Trina’s kids were sick.  At the point where Michelle was about losing it from exhaustion, our hygienist pitched in and helped the others clean up operatories and even assisted me for a few minutes.  At the point where we all could have lost it, everyone there came through and pitched in.  We made it to the end of the day in one piece and all of our patients got the treatment they needed.  A couple of extra special sick and tired people got flowers today and they deserved them!

The one thing that struck me was that I have several staff members that I know are “evangelical” Christians.  Sometimes they are not there when they could really help out.  I know there is a fine line that is hard to walk when it comes to how one spends their off time – family or helping out a co-worker who is really too sick to work.  I don’t feel that I as the employer can insist that they give up a day off but I think that the other worker would have given up her day off if the other assistant had been too sick for something as important as a morning in the OR. She actually has done some changing of plans in the past tto do just that.  Going the extra mile for a co-worker can be a tangible example of love and friendship.  Self interest put first sure can destroy a relationship.  I think the assistant that came in today giving so much both to me and to the kids that we were able to treat is showing more of Christ’s type of love than the “evangelical “one. 


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