As I write, my car is waming up.  It’s -22 C out there this morning.  Makes one want to curl back up under the covers and ignore those kids waiting at the hospital.  Well, I won’t have to worry about my lunch spoiling in the car while it sits there this morning.  And as I heard this am on CBC – there are no mosquitos!

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  1. Toni

    Now that is COLD.

    We had a really harsh winter here about 8 years ago where it got down to minus 12C at night, minus 5C in the day. A lot of people still remember that! But then this is the home counties in the UK, and it just isn’t meant to get that cold. We had a hard time that winter because we were still on solid fuel (basically wood that had to be cut, stacked and carried in – coal is less efficient). Wet wood is kind of interesting as a fuel too, particluarly when it has ice all over it :-/

    All character building stuff though 😉