Daily Archives: November 6, 2003

Not much unusual going on today for me.  Work was work – except that I got a call from a sick assistant this morning early.  She sounded awful.  There seems to be a flu like illness going around.  One of my partner’s assistants was also home because one of her kids was ill, so we were really short staffed.  I think this flu must also be affecting patients because there werer sure a lot that did not show up in the last few days. 

Tomorrow morning bright and early I will go to spend another half day in the operating room.  And I will be without my assistant unless she makes a very speedy recovery.  That will be interesting.  Dental assistants are soooo much help and I am used to working with one.  And time is always at a premium in the OR.  My dental therapist is going with me tomorrow but she has never been in the OR before so I will have to show her what is the correct procedure for setting up and such and that is the part of the whole procedure that I am not used to having to do.  As I say it may be an “interesting” morning.  Three kids to do and I don’t want to end up not being able to start my final and biggest case because I have run out of time.  Those OR nurses can be real bears when it comes to keeping a tight schedule!

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