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Take your kid to work day

Tomorrow is the day when parents are encouraged to let their grade nine kids accompany them to work.  Sara and one other young woman from my assistant’s family will be at work with us tomorrow.  It should be an interesting day for all of us.  We will have crying kids in the morning – it is another sedation day – whoopee!!  And in the afternoon it will be mostly orthodontics.  They will relate to the patients in the afternoon since I have done orthodontics on both of them.  They are going to be at work with us from 8 till 5 so it will be an extra long day for them compared to school.  And only 30 minutes for lunch.  Maybe they will see how hard you have to work to make a living.  That part may not totally sink in.  But I hope it is a good experience for them.

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Grumpy Old Men —And Ladies

Why is it that some people are just grouchy.  It seems to be that there are one or two especially grouchy people that come to see me.  They are always negative and no one enjoys having them come in to the office.  They doubt and question everything that you propose to them as being in need of treatment.  So it makes me very conservative in what I suggest.  I am reluctant to tell them the treatment they should have because I know they will question everything I say in such a manner as if to imply that I am suggesting it just to make money off them.  They end up hurting themselves because it is so difficult to propose a treatment plan that is in their best interest – that looks at a long term plan.

I have one especially grumpy old man and another especially grumpy old lady.  Today it was the turn of the grumpy old lady.  She should have been in for a cleaning a year ago.  We would like to work with her to get her gums into a healthy state.  But it is pretty hard when she refuses to follow our suggested treatment.  And then she acts as if it is our fault that her mouth is sore.  So every time we see her we have gotten to anticipate a complaint and a lot of whining – not just about the teeth and our work but about the world in general.  Makes you wonder what goes into these people to make them so negative.



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It is hard to be apart from someone you love.  It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last. In many ways it is just a part of our lives being governed by the realities of work, family, busyness and a lack of resources to do what we would like to be doing. 

Leo has been away almost a week.  It will be good to have him home again tonight.



One heart beating

One flesh.


Distance creates

Phantom limbs.

The brain sensing

Denies the rift,

But the heart

Seeking the veins

To carry its nectar

Has no where to spill its love.


We are for a moment



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