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Talking With the Kids

Tonight we had one of those suppers when we were all present at the same time and actually sat down to eat together.  Well, all except the “old guy” as the kids sometimes affectionately call him.  He is still in Washington DC for a course on addictions.  One more day and then he is home again.  Not that I am anxiously awaiting his return or anything 🙂 

Anyway, we not only had supper together but we had a good discussion around the table.  The kids asked my opinion on homosexual marriage and the consecrating of the Episcopal bishop.  So we had a good discussion and it was interesting to hear what they thought and who thought what.  It was easy to see that the reigning opinion is that people are born that way and can’t help it.  I think this is becoming the opinion of the general public.  And some of my kids thought that if that is the way you were born then you wouldn’t have much choice but to act that way.  I threw in the idea that maybe there was some truth in the fact that some people “born this way” but that we are all born with genetic material that we can chose to use or not use.  We should not say that because we have certain genetic tendancies that we can’t help the way we behave.  We make choices that have a lot to do with how we live out our lives.  I also stated that I have not been given the wisdom to be the ultimate judge but that there are some fairly clear statements about what God considers to be right behaviour and that goes for other things too like choosing to have heterosexual sex or express anger or to get involved in addictive substances. 

My own opinions on homosexuality are still a bit fluid, so I don’t want to make dictatorial statements to my kids that make it sound like I have all the right answers.  I used to be more dogmatic about what I thought about homosexuality – till I developed friendships with some people who are.  It is harder to be judgemental about a friend.

We progressed to the topic of obedience.  This is what the high school class at church is studying right now.  The kids thought that I was too easy to obey!  I am not demanding enough I guess and should tell them to do things right now and make them do them – like put their stuff away!  This information is very good to have!  I will try to reform!

The down side was that they thought that Leo and I should be better examples of putting our own stuff away.  Silly kids.


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