When I was a kid, there was no big controversy about Haloween.  It was just the best time of the year to get candy!  And we had to think of something to dress up in in order to get the candy or go around prepared to sing or something like that.  The worst thing about it was trying to think up a costume.

When we were in the Congo we had the most fun on Halloween.  We had a big party and dressed up in the most ridiculous costumes and our kids went around to all the mission houses and collected homemade candy and cookies.  We didn’t worry about whether this was a non-Christian thing to do till one year we had a new family decline to participate.  And we being pretty isolated from the current North American religious scene began to lose the fun that up until that time we had enjoyed without guilt.  I thought it was pretty obvious where the guilt was coming from – from others judgement of us not from God.  Anyway, I still think Halloween can be a time of fun and dressing up and just silliness and that is good.  We need to claim this day for fun and refuse to let evil intentions take it over.

That being said, it takes a lot of determination to dress up and go Trick or Treating in our weather.  These kids deserve a bunch of candy.  And it will keep me in buisness for a long time! 


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5 responses to “Halloween

  1. When I was a kid, the dentists always gave out toothbrushes or little sample toosepaste. In hindsight I would have preferred candy!

    It was so cold here that we never saw any costumes, just masks and winter gear. I guess this is what Halloween must look like in Siberia.

  2. Linea

    One year I gave out pencils – my kids revolted.

  3. Cathy J

    I agree,Linea – when I was a kid Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. It was just good, clean fun with a chance to dress up and put on real makeup and get candy, which my mom never bought any other time. We had good teeth! I loved making costumes for my kids, and whenever they insinuated in their teenage years that I wasn’t a good mom, I reminded them of all those costumes – that ended the conversation!

  4. Toni

    “One year I gave out pencils – my kids revolted. ”

    I understand. My kids can be revolting at this time of year too 😉

  5. Sharon

    We do have fun at the office too!!! I was G.I.Jane – quite out of character, don’t you agree!!! We had a great time. Val next office to mine dressed as “Madame Valushka” and told everyone their future…..’you will not be here tomorrow’…..(the next day was Saturday!!!) and on and on it went…..do big deal…just a huge bunch of fun…….. no evil….. just fun….