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Quite a Declaration.

This morning was just too beautiful.  What a gift at this time of the year.  26 degrees yesterday and today just as nice.  Before heading off to practice for worship, I went for a long walk on the riverbank.  It seemed a better place to talk to God than from the shelter of my home. 
Maybe with a look out from my front yard, you can see why.  The colours were gorgeous, the air was warm enough not to need mittens, and the sun was just coming up.  I love mornings like this and I guess when one knows what kind of weather is coming – all too soon – one savours days like this.

The world around me is doing an excellent job of “declaring God’s glory”.

Thank you God  for this gift.


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Cause to slander?

The book Sold Into Eygpt by Madeleine L’Engle is turning out to be full of gems of truth and wisdom.  She traces Joseph’s journey into “human being” as she traces her own steps through grief following the death of her husband.

I found this passage to be especially meaningful – from Chpt 6, Naphtali:
     “What must Joseph have thought about as he lay
      in prison?  There were as yet no Psalms to
      comfort him, no written scripture to give 
      him guidance and hope.  Again he was
      plunged into the darkness of betrayal,
      alone with his thoughts, in a strange land
      among strange people…
      Slander from the mouth of a selfish and greedy
      woman is more understandable than slander
      from those who loudly proclaim themselves as
      Christians.  Potiphar’s  wife slandered because
      she didn’t get her own way.  “Christains” often
      appear to slander for love of slander…
      I have received a good bit of this treatment. 
A Wrinkle In Time was yet again
      attacked during Hugh’s last summer, at a time 
      when he was at home between hospital stays,
      he said, “They are afraid” and I suspect that
      he was right…”

She goes on to explain that the attack had come as she realized that the work of writing was her “vocation” – God’s gift to her. 

She goes on to say:
      “Hugh again pointed out that the
       attackers are afraid, afraid that their safe
       little God-in-a-box may not be safe at all
       – loving, perfectly loving, but not safe in
       a finite sense.  Or afraid that their cozy
       and exclusive beliefs may possibly be too
       narrow.  But when we truly have faith in
       God’s love, then the wideness of God’s
       mercy does not terrify.”


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Psalm 89: 8 to 13a

O Lord God Almighty!
Where is there anyone as mighty as you, Lord?
Faithfulness is your very character.

You are the one who rules the oceans.
When your waves rise in fearful storms, you subdue them.
You are the one who crushed the great sea monster.
You scattered your enemies with your mighty arm.
The heavens are yours, and the earth is yours;
Everything in the world is yours – you created it all.
You created north and south.
Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon praise your name.

Powerful is your arm!
Strong is your hand!

May God’s strong arm be around and protecting all of you today.  I’m glad I can rely on this powerful God to be beside me today ’cause I’m off to the operating room.  There is always a certain tension working in the OR.  Rush, rush, rush.  So much to do and only so much time.

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Canadian Women Win Again

Just watched the Canadian women’s team win their match against China.  Great game with fantastic goaltending by Swiatek.  Check out more about the game here.  Canadian women have come a long way in soccer – they definately have the men trying to catch up to them.  Way to go women!

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The Knitters

If you walked by the backdoor of our office, you might wonder what is the cause for the bursts of hysterical laughter coming from the room.  Don’t worry!  It’s just Judy trying to master the fine but ancient skill of knitting.   Lesley is one step ahead, just having finished her first dish cloth.  Kathy is getting good!  She whips off those dish cloths like nothing.  In fact she brought me two this morning in exchange for a book on stitches that I picked up at a gargae sale. 

I learned to knit when I was in about grade 3 or 4 in 4-H when we lived down in Hillsview, Oregon.  My mother was the leader for the group so I learned to knit with her own particular idiosyncracies – it makes it a bit harder for me to teach someone from a book.  Since I have actually knit several sweaters in the past, I seem to have become the expert.  I think all that really means is that I have made all the mistakes you can make so I know how to correct them and (hopefully) not make them again.  (And I know where to find the secret code that makes up most of the instructions) 

Helping two left handed people learn to knit is a bigger challenge than I thought.  It is hard to sit there and watch without falling off my chair as I double over with laughter.  –  Judy, you don’t have to pull the wool so tightly! The needles were turning blue!  Loosen up!

I don’t knit much any more since it provoked my symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  When I had to get some disability insurance, I found out that my right wrist was no longer insurable.  I had received some physio for my wrist when I first started to have some of the carpal tunnel problems.  It’s been well over 5 years since then so I’m insurable again.  But I have learned to be careful.  My wrists are attached to my hands with which I work. 

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Wake up!

Psalm 7: 6

      Arise, O Lord, in anger!
      Stand up against the fury of my enemies!
      Wake up, my God, and bring justice!

David seemed to have no problems talking to God this way.  So I guess God understands when we get angry when we are desperate and when we have had enough.

I was there at that point again yesterday.  A call from a desperate child – and I can understand why but I am at the moment unable to come to her assistance with more than an encouraging word and a promise of what help I can give from a distance.  So I call out to God. 

Then I get home and want to talk but the opportunity doesn’t arrive and the TV is on.  So when I want to talk I become an annoyance and my needs don’t get heard or understood.  So I call out to God.

I am really glad God isn’t too busy or watching TV or talking to someone else so I can’t butt in.  He listens.

And He acts.  He is not sleeping or too tired himself to listen.

Thank you for listening to me yesterday, so that before I even asked you were working on it.  Even when I couldn’t see that you were.  Thanks for how you change desperation into hope.  Sorry I get so impatient and so angry for thinking somehow that you aren’t doing anything.  My trust in you grows God but it is still such a little thing.

So here we go again, Lord.  A new day.  Thanks for the reminder yesterday that you are with me and acting, not sleeping.


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