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A Good Long Day

I sit here just having gotten off the phone with one child after dropping off another at a friends.  It has been one of those jam packed days and it’s not over yet.  I should be watching Sara play soccer and I will go there in a few minutes but I need some time to catch my breath!  I am tired.  It was a good long day.

Yesterday, we were in the middle of a crisis.  Today, given some time for everyone to calm down, everyone is feeling much better.  Our daughter who is having such woes, got a shift at work and may have a roommate wanting to move in.  That is cause for rejoicing – even just the fact that she is feeling more optimistic.

And wonder of wonders – she found her lost wallet.  Someone phoned her at work today and had found it.  The cell phone is gone and so is the $5 that was in the purse.  But she doesn’t have to replace all the lost ID.  Another answer to prayer.  She knows we are praying – I don’t think she understands how much she is loved by God and by us even when she gets angry and frustrated and pushes everyone away. 

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