Mark 8

I’ve been reading
and rereading Mark 8.

And thinking about free will
And the constraints that imposed.
Is being frustrated a sin?
But Jesus did not – sin.
“You have eyes
     can’t you see?
You have ears
     can’t you hear?
Don’t you understand
     even yet?”

And he could have
Made them see, hear, think.
Surely this couldn’t have been harder
Than making a blind man see
With his eyes.

What would that have done
To this world?
A God principle destroyed.
“Do not test the Lord your God.”
And the devil left him
Until the next opportunity came.
Was this one of them?


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3 responses to “Mark 8

  1. Donna


    Choices. The choices we make. The free will we have. Evil came to the world through man’s disobediance, Jesus Christ is the solution. We all have choices everyday, but through the grace of God, with wise counsel we will learn to listen, to see with our spiritual eyes….not always understand. But to trust.

    Be encouraged my friend, be still and KNOW that He is God. Listen to that whispering voice, lean on your faith, not always on your understanding.

    May His peace surround you, may His wisdom comfort you and may His Spirit counsel you.

  2. Faith…is walking by what He has already confirmed to you. It is not stumbling blindly while trying to convince yourself what you want to believe. It is often, here in the valley, that we can reach out and grab the hem of His garment, for now our own spirit is weakened and in need. He has given promise. Draw nigh unto Him and He will draw nigh unto you. His peace and His presence are already there within you. You are in my prayers………….

  3. Linea

    Thanks for your concerns and prayers. My God is big enough to put up with my questions and musings about what ifs. Sometimes writing helps me work out my questions in my head – and usually I end up awed at how good God is to me.