Our study group is going to be discussing Chapter 4 of The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancy.  I reread it tonight in preparation for tomorrow.  The whole outlook on the temptation of Christ in this chapter was enlightening to me.  I see myself so much in this quote from this book:

“My faith suffers from too much freedom, too many temptations to disbelieve.  at times I want God to overwhelm me, to overcome my doubts with certainty, to give final proofs of his existence and his concern…
I want God to take a more active role in my personal history too.  I want quick and spectacular answers to my prayers, healing for my diseases, protection and safety for my loved ones.  I want a God without ambiguity, One to whom I can point for the sake of my doubting friends.”

So Jesus refused the temptation to coerce, to manipulate and force obedience instead sticking to his original plan of creating a people who would choose to follow him out of love.

Lord, forgive my wanting to tempt you to do exactly what I want you to do.  Teach me to love you and so return to you the worship you want from me.

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